Our Children’s Menus come with crayons to color the wonderful ocean art created by one of our staff members, Maureen Heath. We are happy to add booster or high chairs to your table. We have lids for the children’s cups and menus designed to let the kids have fun while you get a great adult meal.

Most of us are parents, and we know what it takes to keep the little ones happy. We are a family-friendly restaurant, and we’d love to serve your family!


Mac & cheese $5

Peanut Butter & Jelly $5

Hamburger $7
(add cheese)$1

Chicken Fingers $7

Grilled Cheese $5

Shark's tooth Sundae $5


Fresh Fish
Broiled or Fried $10

Chicken Tenders $8

Fried Shrimp $8

Hamburger $8

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $7

Steak Sandwich $13

Sea Shell Sundae $5


We are happy to serve children's meals at your convenience.